Our Process

We can accommodate clients whatever their needs, beginning with a consultation; following is what to expect when you work with us.

Try our online room visualizer to get a sense of different products in your space and then read through our process.

Let's Get Started!

To put together a quote, bring in a drawing of your space configuration – either a cabinet drawing if new cabinets are being installed or a rough sketch of your existing space layout with measurements.

Don’t worry, this drawing does not need to be to scale; the rough dimensions of your countertop layout will be great!

You can download our Design Grid Template to get you started: Letter Size / Legal Size

Visit Our Showroom

Come to our showroom to discuss stone choices, availability, edge profiles, joint locations, site access, backsplash requirements and fixture details such as under-mount sinks


We will produce a quote based upon the above details.

If the quote is acceptable, timing will be discussed. Customers have the option at this time to select the individual slabs from the wholesaler or view the purchased slabs at our showroom

We will arrange a site measure; customers should ensure that all fixtures such as sinks, cooktops and faucets are on site.

Fabrication and Installation!

We will fabricate the countertop according to the layout and selections made.

Once near completion, an install date will be discussed. Customers should make sure that stoves and other appliances are on site but removed from the counter area. In retro-fit jobs, the old counters and plumbing should be removed.

Installation time depends upon the complexity of the job. Customers should arrange for a plumber and/or appliance installer subsequent to our installation to install sinks and plumbing.

We require a 50% deposit prior to template commencement, and the remaining 50% upon installation.