Six & One Stone fabricates and installs granite, quartz, marble and porcelain.

If you have questions on the type of material you should use for a kitchen or bathroom project, we are here to help.


Granite is a naturally formed stone mined from quarries around the world; every piece is unique. It is cut down, shaped, and polished to a specific shape and size; every piece is unique.


Quartz has become one of the most commonly used surfaces in residential kitchens due to its maintenance-free surface and stunning aesthetics. This engineered product consists of 93% natural stone fused with resin into slab form. Quartz is known for its durability and is highly resistant to staining and bacteria growth.


Porcelain has become increasingly popular for those who want the beauty of natural stone without constant maintenance. Porcelain slab is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications; it’s the perfect choice for floors, walls, fireplaces and countertops.


Marble is a popular bathroom countertop option. Like granite countertops, it is mined stone that is cut down and polished to a specific shape and size. Though elegant and beautiful, marble is not as resistant as quartz or granite countertops.

Edge Profiles

Edges make a definitive design statement and create a polished look. The shape of your countertop edge has a striking effect on both style and function, impacting everything from safety to cleaning. Our expert team will guide you in choosing the right edge for your space.

Small Bevel